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A few days before my mom was about to deliver me, i had developed flu cos my mom had been eating ice (and that habit has carried forward to me – i eat ice so muchch!). Khair, she had to have a cesarean. And it was 18 days before i made any sound (the first time i cried was after 18 days of birth).

And when i was born, i looked exactly like my grandfather (dada – paternal grandfather) who had died a year ago the same day as my birth.

Oh and I am preTTy inspired by e. e. cummings – I don’t exactly prefer capital letters.

And i like my drinks flat. That would be soft drinks, like 7Up 🙂

And when I was as young as 2 or 3, Junaid Jamshed used to visit my school every Wednesday, to piano the national anthem, and I remember I used to stand in the second or third line to his right as he faced us, fourth or fifth row in front of him. And i remember i used to sing like i was the only one singing. And i remember the goosebumps. The goosebumps go way back. So do the goosebumps and i.


jay says:

love ur blog girl 🙂 all the entries are pure, full of insight and deep 🙂

malinink says:

thank you jay 🙂
sari parheen? do read all, and comment on most because most of these things i need discussion on and know what i mean 🙂

See if your blog fits into any category, I think Best Diarist .

I have mine in Education Blog.

donpoky says:

So you, are you emotionless? Heard for the first time a baby didn’t cry.

what say you?

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