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{February 10, 2009}   the diary of the stationary freak

there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary that my uncle got me from abroad (back when we most certainly dint get anything like this here at home) back when i was in grade 8th. it has since been 9 years and i hadn’t touched a page of it until a few weeks back (i’m a certified stationary freak :D)

so, there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary, and we received a small flip notebook from Unilever yesterday, and he said “Oh, i’ll use it for my to-do-lists!” (that’s what i tried helping him with, by trying to make him see he could use to-do-lists to stay relatively on top of things and get done with things needed to be done).

excuse the huge intro to this small thought i had just now: i could save my Unilever notebook too, and once he’s used his up i could give him mine too, and then i thought of whether i’d have given him my yellow one. realizing that i probably won’t have used it for the same purpose for myself, but for more meaningful and more lasting ‘notes’, i also got this image that he’d probably have no qualms in using the yellow notebook, and then i saw (in my mind’s eye) his writing scrawling itself on my diary…and i fell in love with his-writing-on-my-diary…


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