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She stuffed the notebook and pen in her bag, absentmindedly, or rather, habitually placing the things exactly where they belonged, and headed for the door again.

Her step had purpose to it.

She opened the the glass door, Read the rest of this entry »

{February 22, 2009}   what it’s like…

It’s not about what i like. It’s about what i can do, and i can do a lot. Trouble is, i feel unable to anticipate what they, the judges, would like/prefer. I thought Hadiqa Kiyani as one of the three judges would help get a balanced judgement as she’d more readily appreciate (my) tendencies toward english music, but turns out she wasn’t here at the city campus for audition. So let’s see. I think i have time abi 🙂

Update: The year is 2010 – April or May of this year, the organizers of this competition called me to inform me that i had been selected for the next round/season (recorded). but i had to decline the offer cos their terms and conditions were WAY too demanding – they did not care that i had studies/classes to attend and they demanded i stay available 24/7 for the next 4 months. so… : )

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