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{December 30, 2008}   the butterfly’s struggle

Another one of them stories. This too is from one of my readings.


There was once a man who noticed a cocoon moving. He’d never seen a butterfly break out of its cocoon and start its new life, so he decided to observe the birth of a butterfly. He waited for the butterfly to make its way out of its cocoon, spread its colorful wings, and fly away before his eyes. But it seemed to be stuck.

For quite a bit he waited for the creature to break out of its prison, but it seemed to be fidgeting in efforts that all went futile. Finally, he could take it no longer: out of impatience, he ook out a pair of scissors and cut the coccoon open, allowing the butterfly to stumble out.

The man was pretty dazzled with the colors and patterns on the petal like wings of the fresh butterfly.

He waited or it to spread its wings. It did.

He waited for it to take a flight. It didn’t.

Its wings had not yet developed the strength to carry its weight as it flew in its new life. All because the man, out of his impatience, had cut its struggle (of freeing itself from its cocoon) short in trying to help it.

The lesson i learnt from this anecdote is simple: sometimes, no matter how much it hurts us, we must let our loved ones go through their share of hardships; it is better for them that way. (These loved ones often include offspring, but equally often include friends we come to become so fond and protective about).

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