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“Marina Abramović, “Rhythm 0,” 1974

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović is best known for her performance pieces, in which she tries to explore what is possible for an artist to do in the name of art. Her best known piece was the recent “The Artist Is Present,” in which she sat motionless for 736.5 hours over the course of three months, inviting visitors to sit opposite her and make eye contact for as long as they wanted. So many people began spontaneously crying across from her that blogs and Facebook groups were set up for those people. 

Her bravest piece, however, is my favorite. This piece was primarily a trust exercise, in which she told viewers she would not move for six hours no matter what they did to her. She placed 72 objects one could use in pleasing or destructive ways, ranging from flowers and a feather boa to a knife and a loaded pistol, on a table near her and invited the viewers to use them on her however they wanted. 

Initially, Abramović said, viewers were peaceful and timid, but it escalated to violence quickly. “The experience I learned was that … if you leave decision to the public, you can be killed… I felt really violated: they cut my clothes, stuck rose thorns in my stomach, one person aimed the gun at my head, and another took it away. It created an aggressive atmosphere. After exactly 6 hours, as planned, I stood up and started walking toward the public. Everyone ran away, escaping an actual confrontation.”

This piece revealed something terrible about humanity, similar to what Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment or Stanley Milgram’s Obedience Experiment, both of which also proved how readily people will harm one another under unusual circumstances. 

This performance showed just how easy it is to dehumanize a person who doesn’t fight back, and is particularly powerful because it defies what we think we know about ourselves. I’m certain the no one reading this believes the people around him/her capable of doing such things to another human being, but this performance proves otherwise.”

Source: Facebook Sharing

{February 4, 2013}   on missing out

i don’t understand people’s craze about capturing things because they don’t want to miss it. like sunsets. i mean, i get it if you loved a sight so much that you pounced on the opportunity to capture it so that you can revisit it at will in future. and i get it if you’re a photographer by occupation/passion. but all other people who take like a million pictures of EVERY scenery they come across – like, dude, get a life. you say you dont wanna miss it? you wanna preserve it? what for? do you realize how many sceneries you have missed already because you weren’t born then? do you realize that preserving every day in a number of ways is not really preserving anything for future generations because they will have their share of beautiful sceneries. this – this crazy snapping of things and environments – is only wasting your day, each day that you do this.

get a life. enjoy whatever comes your way for its sake, and for your own sake. it is for you to keep. sure take a snap or two, or a few. a handful of albums from your past are usually a nice thing to have around you. but know that that day was sent for you to enjoy, so live it, rather than waste time trying to capture it. capture it with your heart & soul, for the most part at least. and no matter how much you yearn for it to happen, sometimes, you just cant share everything you want to with everyone you want to, and you cant save everything. you cant save everything.

here is a little sunset for you:

{January 31, 2013}   on death. and all her friends

people shut up about you once you’re dead. out of respect. respect that you dont need anymore. because you’re dead. and are no more a threat to anyone, in any way. people are such dumb fucks. people suck the life out of life

I searched online, and found a few tips on how to be the right kinda bitchy when the need arises. Exactly what im looking for. Here these tips are, and i will keep updating this post.

There’s something  here:


Then there’s something i found on

and here is what it says:

The next time this person says something bitchy to you, throw it back at her. I don’t mean insult her, but call her on it. As in “You know, it doesn’t take any less effort NOT to be bitchy.” The best way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them, call them on what they are doing and don’t back down.


A simple “My aren’t we being rude/grumpy/bitchy today!” has worked for me in the past or a “I see you are flexing your inner bitch/inner witch today, well done!” or “I see your parents forget to teach you any manners and social skills” don’t shout it, but say it loud enough so you can be heard – hopefully by a few people including your bitchy bitchy person. Good luck.


I think the first step to being bitchy is to be selfish and think of the self first. Given that almost everyone is out to do that anyway, even if it means trampling on others’ rigths and feelings, it shouldn’t be that bad to ‘get started’ at least. Lie that you dont have what a bitchy person asks you for, like a pen, then take one out ans start using it in front of them. Call someone right after you told this bitchy person you don’t have credit when they asked you for some. Meet their eye, let them say hi, then ignore them totally. Meet their eye, let them know you’re looking at them, then bend toward a friend on your side and say something, then look back at them (the bitchy person), laugh at appropriate intervals and times. Say oh hey, i like what you’re wearing, i bought my driver’s daughter the exact same thing cos it’s just so cute – or something like that; say this to people who deserve this of course. Do this to people who do this to others without them deserving it. Hang up on them or walk away mid-converstaion.

I guess little things ike this will keep them from picking on you as often as they would have otherwise. Just need to be creative i guess.

It’s like this. You are living in a huge huge bubble. It rolls and you keep bouncing in it, up and down you know. As you grow up, the bubble-ball you live in seems to get smaller, and so you begin to notice all the other people that live in the same bubble too. (Because there is only one bubble). And that’s when you realize that you should’ve been a little more cautious, because the people you’re discovering now, are somehow related to you and can have an influence on the rest of your life. And whoops if you made that one little mistake you did along the way as you grew up in this bubble.

Note: I came up with a similar thing which I will write about shortly: the bubble theory

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