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“Marina Abramović, “Rhythm 0,” 1974

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović is best known for her performance pieces, in which she tries to explore what is possible for an artist to do in the name of art. Her best known piece was the recent “The Artist Is Present,” in which she sat motionless for 736.5 hours over the course of three months, inviting visitors to sit opposite her and make eye contact for as long as they wanted. So many people began spontaneously crying across from her that blogs and Facebook groups were set up for those people. 

Her bravest piece, however, is my favorite. This piece was primarily a trust exercise, in which she told viewers she would not move for six hours no matter what they did to her. She placed 72 objects one could use in pleasing or destructive ways, ranging from flowers and a feather boa to a knife and a loaded pistol, on a table near her and invited the viewers to use them on her however they wanted. 

Initially, Abramović said, viewers were peaceful and timid, but it escalated to violence quickly. “The experience I learned was that … if you leave decision to the public, you can be killed… I felt really violated: they cut my clothes, stuck rose thorns in my stomach, one person aimed the gun at my head, and another took it away. It created an aggressive atmosphere. After exactly 6 hours, as planned, I stood up and started walking toward the public. Everyone ran away, escaping an actual confrontation.”

This piece revealed something terrible about humanity, similar to what Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment or Stanley Milgram’s Obedience Experiment, both of which also proved how readily people will harm one another under unusual circumstances. 

This performance showed just how easy it is to dehumanize a person who doesn’t fight back, and is particularly powerful because it defies what we think we know about ourselves. I’m certain the no one reading this believes the people around him/her capable of doing such things to another human being, but this performance proves otherwise.”

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{January 31, 2013}   on death. and all her friends

people shut up about you once you’re dead. out of respect. respect that you dont need anymore. because you’re dead. and are no more a threat to anyone, in any way. people are such dumb fucks. people suck the life out of life

{February 10, 2009}   the diary of the stationary freak

there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary that my uncle got me from abroad (back when we most certainly dint get anything like this here at home) back when i was in grade 8th. it has since been 9 years and i hadn’t touched a page of it until a few weeks back (i’m a certified stationary freak :D)

so, there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary, and we received a small flip notebook from Unilever yesterday, and he said “Oh, i’ll use it for my to-do-lists!” (that’s what i tried helping him with, by trying to make him see he could use to-do-lists to stay relatively on top of things and get done with things needed to be done).

excuse the huge intro to this small thought i had just now: i could save my Unilever notebook too, and once he’s used his up i could give him mine too, and then i thought of whether i’d have given him my yellow one. realizing that i probably won’t have used it for the same purpose for myself, but for more meaningful and more lasting ‘notes’, i also got this image that he’d probably have no qualms in using the yellow notebook, and then i saw (in my mind’s eye) his writing scrawling itself on my diary…and i fell in love with his-writing-on-my-diary…


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