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picture credit: copyright LA TimesSo they ask me, in shock, whether i even know what piercing in the west stands for. Well, do you know what black nail paint with dark eye makeup stands for in the west? Get a life man. Why don’t you ask what piercing means when you get your nose pierced? You got the top of your ear pierced thus looking life a wannabe elf, i got my lip pierced. Same difference. Suck it. Read the rest of this entry »

{August 30, 2012}   OCD – an order

I believe I possess the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

And I believe I am blessed to be in possession of such a skill.

In fact, this is not even a disorder. It is termed a disorder by those too unfortunate not to have it. In all their jealousy and envy, they give it a name with a negative connotation.

Rather, this is order, the only order that helps put everything in order.

{December 26, 2009}   December 24th 2009

And I realized, with the help of a close friend, that everyone picks who they want to be. Being nice was my thing. Being an asshole who thinks so highly of himself just because he has a different life, was his thing. Read the rest of this entry »

I searched online, and found a few tips on how to be the right kinda bitchy when the need arises. Exactly what im looking for. Here these tips are, and i will keep updating this post.

There’s something  here:


Then there’s something i found on

and here is what it says:

The next time this person says something bitchy to you, throw it back at her. I don’t mean insult her, but call her on it. As in “You know, it doesn’t take any less effort NOT to be bitchy.” The best way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them, call them on what they are doing and don’t back down.


A simple “My aren’t we being rude/grumpy/bitchy today!” has worked for me in the past or a “I see you are flexing your inner bitch/inner witch today, well done!” or “I see your parents forget to teach you any manners and social skills” don’t shout it, but say it loud enough so you can be heard – hopefully by a few people including your bitchy bitchy person. Good luck.


I think the first step to being bitchy is to be selfish and think of the self first. Given that almost everyone is out to do that anyway, even if it means trampling on others’ rigths and feelings, it shouldn’t be that bad to ‘get started’ at least. Lie that you dont have what a bitchy person asks you for, like a pen, then take one out ans start using it in front of them. Call someone right after you told this bitchy person you don’t have credit when they asked you for some. Meet their eye, let them say hi, then ignore them totally. Meet their eye, let them know you’re looking at them, then bend toward a friend on your side and say something, then look back at them (the bitchy person), laugh at appropriate intervals and times. Say oh hey, i like what you’re wearing, i bought my driver’s daughter the exact same thing cos it’s just so cute – or something like that; say this to people who deserve this of course. Do this to people who do this to others without them deserving it. Hang up on them or walk away mid-converstaion.

I guess little things ike this will keep them from picking on you as often as they would have otherwise. Just need to be creative i guess.

{December 30, 2008}   the butterfly’s struggle

Another one of them stories. This too is from one of my readings.


There was once a man who noticed a cocoon moving. He’d never seen a butterfly break out of its cocoon and start its new life, so he decided to observe the birth of a butterfly. He waited for the butterfly to make its way out of its cocoon, spread its colorful wings, and fly away before his eyes. But it seemed to be stuck.

For quite a bit he waited for the creature to break out of its prison, but it seemed to be fidgeting in efforts that all went futile. Finally, he could take it no longer: out of impatience, he ook out a pair of scissors and cut the coccoon open, allowing the butterfly to stumble out.

The man was pretty dazzled with the colors and patterns on the petal like wings of the fresh butterfly.

He waited or it to spread its wings. It did.

He waited for it to take a flight. It didn’t.

Its wings had not yet developed the strength to carry its weight as it flew in its new life. All because the man, out of his impatience, had cut its struggle (of freeing itself from its cocoon) short in trying to help it.

The lesson i learnt from this anecdote is simple: sometimes, no matter how much it hurts us, we must let our loved ones go through their share of hardships; it is better for them that way. (These loved ones often include offspring, but equally often include friends we come to become so fond and protective about).

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