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{December 30, 2008}   the way of the sparrows

This is one of the first one of the stories and anecdotes from my childhood. This one i read somewhere; it was someone’s autobiographical account, and here, i reproduce it as a story told.


There was once a family who recently installed a new AC (air conditioner) in their house. But they faced a problem from day 1: a pair of sparrows started trying to build a nest between the top of the AC and the ledge above the AC (i hope you get the picture). This caused problems with the functioning of the AC.

Day after day the family clean the nest off; day after day the pair of sparrows tried rebuilding it early morning onwards, never showing signs of giving up.

Finally, the family’s servant came to the family’s rescue: he made a house-shaped object out of an old shoe-box, cutting entrance doors and windows etc, (the kind children make), decorated it slightly to give it the look of a home-in-use, and placed it in the space where everyday the birds tried building their nest.

The next day onwards, no sparrow bugged the family with effots to build a nest on their AC. The family was pretty astonished: what was it about the old shoe box that worked when their repeated efforts to remove the straw and shoo the birds away din’t?

The servant explained: birds, (unlike a majority of humans), don’t break others’ homes to build their own.

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