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{June 16, 2009}   Calling all Pakistanis…?

They say you should not wash your dirty linen in public.

When a couple is newly married, they are religiously trained by others to keep things under control and married life happy by trying to resolve as many husband-wife issues as possible between the two and keep all bad tastes hidden from the world.

And many such examples.

Why then, do we as a nation not follow this smiple piece of advice? Why are we the first to splash blood and gore that results in our house (country) all over TV screens? Why does the enthusiasm of our TV channels to be the “first” ones to have “exclusively” captured the news (which ironically is splashed over all news channels) blind us to the fact that we as a nation are wasing out dirty linen in public? Do you see India doing that? They are the most similar nation to us, we can and should adopt their posiotives. Do we see China doing that? They are another neighbor we should learn from. We should learn from Iran if noone else!! That is one nation that i believe has the most to offer us in terms of how to live proper-er life.

Whenever there is a bomb blast (and that is the ‘in thing’ these days), we see our economists to financial gurus to politicians pointing fingers at each other rather than do something constructive. In fact, they actually plant bombs themselves and reach there in time to diffuse it and then propagate the efficiency of their political parties. (Ref. Yesterday’s example – read today’s paper).

whenever there is a new budget, we are the first ones to point fingers at others’ flaws, rather than have done our own job propoerly.

And all this is happening on around 5-10 channels simultaneously, most of which, if not all, are being aired internationally.


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