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{February 4, 2013}   on missing out

i don’t understand people’s craze about capturing things because they don’t want to miss it. like sunsets. i mean, i get it if you loved a sight so much that you pounced on the opportunity to capture it so that you can revisit it at will in future. and i get it if you’re a photographer by occupation/passion. but all other people who take like a million pictures of EVERY scenery they come across – like, dude, get a life. you say you dont wanna miss it? you wanna preserve it? what for? do you realize how many sceneries you have missed already because you weren’t born then? do you realize that preserving every day in a number of ways is not really preserving anything for future generations because they will have their share of beautiful sceneries. this – this crazy snapping of things and environments – is only wasting your day, each day that you do this.

get a life. enjoy whatever comes your way for its sake, and for your own sake. it is for you to keep. sure take a snap or two, or a few. a handful of albums from your past are usually a nice thing to have around you. but know that that day was sent for you to enjoy, so live it, rather than waste time trying to capture it. capture it with your heart & soul, for the most part at least. and no matter how much you yearn for it to happen, sometimes, you just cant share everything you want to with everyone you want to, and you cant save everything. you cant save everything.

here is a little sunset for you:

{February 10, 2009}   the diary of the stationary freak

there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary that my uncle got me from abroad (back when we most certainly dint get anything like this here at home) back when i was in grade 8th. it has since been 9 years and i hadn’t touched a page of it until a few weeks back (i’m a certified stationary freak :D)

so, there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary, and we received a small flip notebook from Unilever yesterday, and he said “Oh, i’ll use it for my to-do-lists!” (that’s what i tried helping him with, by trying to make him see he could use to-do-lists to stay relatively on top of things and get done with things needed to be done).

excuse the huge intro to this small thought i had just now: i could save my Unilever notebook too, and once he’s used his up i could give him mine too, and then i thought of whether i’d have given him my yellow one. realizing that i probably won’t have used it for the same purpose for myself, but for more meaningful and more lasting ‘notes’, i also got this image that he’d probably have no qualms in using the yellow notebook, and then i saw (in my mind’s eye) his writing scrawling itself on my diary…and i fell in love with his-writing-on-my-diary…


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