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{January 31, 2013}   on death. and all her friends

people shut up about you once you’re dead. out of respect. respect that you dont need anymore. because you’re dead. and are no more a threat to anyone, in any way. people are such dumb fucks. people suck the life out of life

{June 13, 2009}   Karachi Strike

Ok so just cos someone important became the victim of some stupid suicide bomb blast, the followers of this someone important can close down the whole city!?

Jin k ghar main subha fresh doodh, anday, double roti, aati hai, un k ghar main nashta na ho?  Worst, jin ki roz ki basis pe kamai hoti hai, un k ghar main sara din khana na pakay?

Baray tou chalo bardasht kar lain gay, but bachchay?

Just cos someone died. Someone who died in the name of Religion – a religion that i bet does not propogate kepping the rest of the city hungry and lost just cos someone in a position of power/respect/name died.

I do not by any means mean to disrespect this maulvi sahab, Allah unhain jannat naseeb karay. But c’mon guys where the hell are your senses? The whole goddamned CITY?

Kisi ko urgent basis pe dawayyon ki zarrorat par sakti hai, ya kisi k ghar main khane k bartan girne ki waja se un k ghr main khanay ki ashad zaroorat par sakti hai, what the hell is wrong with you guys?

In the morning when i woke up, well it was afternoon actually, but point is k 1 bajay tak bhi fresh doodh aa nahin saka thha. Subha ka nashta kisi ne nahin kiya thha and then we started making roti’s tou humaray doodh walay ne kisi tarha kar k doodh laa diya. Humari tou khair hai, un ka kiya jin k ghar k qareeb nahin hai doodh wala ya bakery wala ya gosht phal wala?

May you feel exactly what it’s like to feel helpless. Aameen.

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