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{April 28, 2013}   Why Democracy is not the Answer

Pakistan Zindabad

Pakistan Zindabad

Democracy is not the answer for this country (The Islamic Republic of Pakistan). Sure, it was made in the name of Islam, but at the same time, it did have democratic roots: people elected, by way of following, and chose to follow Jinnah, united.

However, Jinnah died. And since then, this harmony that he envisioned, has been snatched at by different factions. Each faction adamantly believes they are absolutely right and have absolute right to set everyone right. This mindset and action-trend is generally destructive, and all those who have studied even a bit of communication or team management skills, or know anything about organizational vision and how it takes years to see results, will understand this and agree with this.

I am not saying that Khilafat should be enforced – while that is indeed the Islamic way to go, but neither did it last a few cycles after the Prophet, nor do old rules apply as is to new times. We always need to factor in changing needs, stakeholders and resources, and then channelize our plans accordingly, toward the same original vision (minor tweaks allowed, already spoken of in the first half of this sentence).

But what do we do in the name of democracy? We avenge the people for the unfairness we were dealt with, once we come in power. That is what each of the previous ‘parties’ that have been in power have done so far.

We fail to realize that just change does not happen overnight: it takes an individual a good 2-5 years to make effort, honest consistent effort, to witness any sort of productive change/results. If it takes an individual that much time, it makes sense that the larger the number of ‘team members’ involved, the more time it can be expected to take for positive changes and results to occur and show. For example, it takes a small business at least 3 years (as per general standards) to start recovering investments in the shape of profits. Similarly, it takes a family a freakin generation to turn their lives around from struggling to stable.

How then can we expect democracy, which is supposed to look after an ENTIRE NATION, to show results within 5 years!?

Sure, go ahead and continue in the spirit of democracy. But BEWARE, democracy is not the answer if you don’t let it do its job.

Whoever wins, and hopefully not anyone who has previous negative track record, must have a clear vision that caters to all stakeholders’ needs and rights equitably, possesses a strong honest conscience that makes him/her stick to his/her responsibilities, and must be given the space to breathe and do his job: this means that s/he needs to be allowed to make a few mistakes (he too is human) provided he is not consciously indulging in irreversible injustices, but then, he needs to be re-elected 4-5 times, for a generation.

This is absolutely necessary if democracy is to work. You can’t expect a newborn to start walking as soon as it breathes, to start running as soon as it takes its first step; you cant expect a student to start to start earning at the beginning of his first semester, you can’t expect the first pill of medicine to recover a cancer patient, you can’t expect a new daughter-in-law to be on top of everything from the first day, you can’t expect a mother to know everything form the moment she becomes a mother.

You can’t expect democracy to be the answer if you keep changing the vision and leader every freakin 5 years, and if everyone is selfishly engrossed in personal interests.

Unity. Faith. Discipline.
Unity: EVERYONE needs to work for the SAME VISION.
Faith: comes from honesty – everyone needs to be honest and fair, expect good of others, don’t do bad unto others, treat others as you would want to be treated, fulfill your responsibilities, your rights will be fulfilled, have patience and faith that they will, do not give up at the first sign of a temporary setback.
Discipline: Work hard, consistently, on all the objectives that lead toward the SAME LONG-TERM GOAL, i.e. VISION.

Pakistan Zindabad.

Democracy has its presence since 1985, the main parties on aggregate had shared the governance under democratic rule for twenty years. Still they haven’t learn their lessons. Democracy has adopted autocratic practices and have ruined all institutions. Having said that the military rule is no substitute for democracy. We need to go through the learning curve for the democratic norms to take deep root. But the fragile economy and plight of poor does not allow us to let this experience continue for ever. Next five year term will be make or break for democracy and I wish whosoever is in power realize this.

what say you?

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