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{March 12, 2013}   why we are a confused nation
think, and ye shall be provided with answers

think, and ye shall be provided with answers

Our problem is that we call ourselves followers of one religion (Islam), while looking for answers to our questions and solutions to our problems in ideologies derived from another (such as by trying to follow ‘rules’ and ‘systems’ that we expose ourselves to via Western TV series or lifestyles for instance).

In doing so, we perform the classic fallacy of trying to compare apples (religion) to oranges (ideology). Your basic “Methods in Business Research” course during your BBA or MBA should have taught you not to fall into the pitfalls of research methodology (such as the trap of seeking 2 answers from one question, because that will do nothing but pose problems for you in the end when it comes to coding). The same basic principle applies here too.

Furthermore, we spend at least most of our energies trying to understand something that we shouldn’t be spending time trying to apply to our life in the first place [the rules & systems of a lifestyle (for example Western) that is not the lifestyle proposed by the religion we chose (for example Islam) – if we call ourselves Muslims/Christians/x, we should first study what Islam/Christianity/X is all about and what rules, systems, & guidance etc are presented by Islam/Christianity/X for us to govern our lives. Watching Western TV series for entertainment or perspective, or ‘growing relatively modern’ in terms of lifestyle is a separate matter altogether and should not interfere with the teachings of the religion of our choice (and should be done away with if it in any way does interfere with that).


Note:- Ideology is defined (google) as:

  1. A system of ideas and ideals, esp. one that forms the basis of economic or political policy: “the ideology of republicanism”.
  2. The ideas and manner of thinking of a group, social class, or individual: “a critique of bourgeois ideology”.

what say you?

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