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{January 26, 2013}   On hard work and success
how hard work works

how hard work works

Successful people emphasize hard work. I was just wondering what hard work really meant, and came to the following conclusion, which i’d like to share with my readers because I wish someone had explained it to me:

Hard work does not necessarily mean longer hours or working like a donkey. It does not necessarily mean work that tires you physically.

Rather, it means doing work that is hard – walking the road less traveled; taking risks when easier and previously tried methods exist for simple replication; doing things that others try to stop you from because while they (may) have your best interest at heart, they don’t see your life as you do, and are scared for you, and you do not want to cause them that pain – but the fact of the matter is that, to a great extent, everyone feels the pain they bring upon themselves. Hard work means making choices that are hard to make, because you are trying to stand up for something you believe in despite the pain the process causes you.

And trust me, hard work will tire you. Because it will hurt you. It will take away support from you. It will cause you inconvenience which you know could be avoided or minimized, but at the cost of your beliefs & conscience. It will cause you the pain of being the one who has the required foresight or ambition & faith, when friends & family do not have the strength to accept what you can see.

how hard work works

how hard work works

And that will tire you. So much that it will physically drain you. You will want nothing more than to sleep so that you may wake up to a different, more pleasant reality, something that is easier to live with in both the short & the long run. You will want nothing more than a way for things to please everyone. You will want nothing more than to sleep it away. And you will want nothing more than not to have to wake up. But that won’t happen.

So you will go to sleep with a resolve, that tomorrow will be a fight, for a more pleasant day-after. You will wake up the next morning despite the heavy feeling that makes you want to quit or run away or give in.

And that is what hard work means. Because it tires you. It takes away from you so much, it drains you so much, it tires you mentally so much that it tires you physically.

How hard work then turns into success in the long run, is simply an outcome of this process, and a product of the ingredients of your efforts.

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