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picture credit: copyright LA TimesSo they ask me, in shock, whether i even know what piercing in the west stands for. Well, do you know what black nail paint with dark eye makeup stands for in the west? Get a life man. Why don’t you ask what piercing means when you get your nose pierced? You got the top of your ear pierced thus looking life a wannabe elf, i got my lip pierced. Same difference. Suck it. Read the rest of this entry »

{September 7, 2012}   of sinning and conniving

“In a closed society where everybody is guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity.”
– Hunter S. thompson



Interesting. However, in a society, whether closed or not, it is not necessary that everyone is guilty. Especially because guilt is not for humans to decide, not in every case. So, IF one is guilty, yes the only crime is getting caught. But if one is sure that one is not guilty, one wont commit the supposed crime, and will not be under pressure to hide things. Yet if someone else accuses one of a crime (other than being caught), the burden of proof is on the prosecutor/accuser.
In a world of sinners and thieves, one who does not want to (and does not) sin or steal, is safe in their non-political bliss.

{September 4, 2012}   World Hijab Day… _|_

Warning/Disclaimer: those who may take offense to use of explicit terminology and a bit of venting by way of using swear words (if any), are advised not to venture further, or keep their reaction to these things to themselves.

So now religious extremists have started suckling on the idea of making hijab compulsory for the women in the (oh so) Islamic Republic of Pakistan. According to those in favor of the new World Hijab Day (in Pakistan only, btw?), hijab is the only protection against inviting stares, gazes, oggling, and other forms of eve-teasing women. Also, according to these oh-so-saintly guardians of Islam, by making hijab compulsory in this country, all evil emanating due to the existence of female boobs and ass and skin and whatever your sick mind can fantasize about, to which the attention is apparently attracted by way of uncovered hair or face, will forever be eradicated.

[Sidenote: The female body structure was also Allah’s creation. Every body part has a function, and yes I can go so biology on you.]

Sorry suckers, but I shall openly disagree with this premise. For several reasons. Read the rest of this entry »

{September 2, 2012}   charsi

I think if there’s one nursery rhyme I took too seriously, it was the one that started, “I am a tea pot…”.

I swear tea is my pot. And I often feel like a pot full of tea. Cup after cup, pot after pot.

If there is any cancer-like disease that can be caused by tea, I sure need to pray against it.

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