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{August 30, 2012}   OCD – an order

I believe I possess the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

And I believe I am blessed to be in possession of such a skill.

In fact, this is not even a disorder. It is termed a disorder by those too unfortunate not to have it. In all their jealousy and envy, they give it a name with a negative connotation.

Rather, this is order, the only order that helps put everything in order.

What a wonderful perspective! I talked to my children and would tell them that I could not work until I had certain things done. If there were too many piles around I would need to get them sorted out so I could think. A crumpled piece of paper on my desk is a distraction. I have to get up and put it in the trash…. My youngest daughter said, “Mom, you’re OCD….” So funny to be diagnosed by my daughter and, now, seeing it as I kind of knew but never put to words, that it is a good thing. :–)

what say you?

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