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{March 4, 2012}   to be a woman

When I was young, and sometimes even now, I used to wonder, and wish to an extent, why I wasn’t a male. Several reasons made me almost wish things would undo themselves and then restart on their path with me being a man then.

Often I used to try and justify God’s choice to appease me. These justifications included the possibility of me being far more intense as a person in male form than i currently was, which wouldn’t be good for all then, I told myself. I even told myself that if I was to be a man, I’d remember being a woman, and that might get awkward, despite the fact that I might actually enjoy courting women.

I tried reasoning with God, playfully, trying to justify that as a man, I would be the perfect single parent, if need be. But He pointed out I’m assuming I’d remember being a woman. 

But I figured out last night. Perfectly.

If I was a boy to begin with, I’d most likely grow up to be gay.

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