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{January 13, 2011}   of Sir, and Sir’s.

Disclaimer: This is just a funny note, and penned only because i quite liked the imagery i came up with when discussing this slight issue with a friend. This note is in no way meant to disrespect my teacher – I have always respected my teachers, if not for the fact that they are my teachers, then at least for the fact that they are older to me, and are still my teachers.


Sir is around 60, but stands tall, strong, and powerful. Sir is the picture of discipline (strong emphasis on the word picture). Sir has aimed in life to set us lesser immortals right as a sugar cane stick in the short period of time which we dependent beggars of beings call a semester, and thus to instill in us values that Sir holds close to Sir. No wonder Sir ensures that we excuses of beings are forced to answer to Sir‘s calls and beckoning, come Sunday or a public holiday, come rain, thunderstorm, or the devil himself. (Note: the devil may be politically leaderized, or the brainwashed public which feels proud of blocking roads and the like in their demonstration and expression of views they hold dear to themselves, whether clear or not).

How does Sir manage to ensure that?

Oh but Sir is powerful, not to mention clever. Sir has ensured that everyone has been made (by none other than Sir) to avail their allowed number of absences at the beginning of the semester only.

If you enter class as the bell rings, you are absent.

If you dare not hear his deliberately relaxed, low-volume voice as he calls out your name during roll call, well covered by the sound of scraping chairs and the voice of the attention-seeking air-conditioner, you are absent.

If you dare use the IBA point to try and reach class on time, having left your home at 4:30 for a class at 6pm, and the point gets late, you are absent.

If you dare feel the need to leave class before it ends, and you try to be nice about it by asking for permission, upon leaving, you are absent.

If the security and transport situation in the city does not permit you to cross a traffic-jammed area and thus get to class on time, or it does not allow you to find a means of transport at all, despite the fact that you are willing to walk the remaining distance, and you get late, you are absent.

It is a sin to consider rescheduling the class.

By the time the 1st mid term is over, almost everyone is standing on this tall-ass cliff. Sir is in the center of the roof of this giant – another powerful giant in Sirself. Mere students surround Sir‘s towering being. Sir holds in a single hand, a bunch of ends of threads the other ends of which belong to the pathetic and sorry beings that are labeled students – to each his own. Sir has pushed them to the utter edge of this cliff roof, and all these beings have to hang on to, are the one-ends of their own thread.

And the winds are roaring – with power; with laughter.

And though Sir shows it not, so is Sir.


what say you?

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