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{December 5, 2010}   boo

ok so there are times when i can get so funny i could belong to a sitcom. you know, sometimes, especially when i am with my best friends, especially one of them, i feel like we belong in sitcoms. our original life conversations can be smoothly utilized in sitcoms from the west. so anyway.

about this one time: i was in class, MBA level class, where the instructor is trying his best to motivate his MBA level evening students to show some energy. like, we’ve been out since 8 am taking classes, rushing over to meetings, rushing to meet deadlines and submit assignments, rushing against time itself, not to mention the traffic in sadar, and are pretty thankful we made it to this class well in time. and this instructor wants us to stop trying to catch our breath already and participate as if every single one of us was having the ball of our lifetimes.

so he goes: i want you guys to wake up, you guys are MBAs. dont mumble. speak up. be confident. say something different. challenge the norm. live your life. say something dangerous.

and i go: boo.

w says:

ure the bestest 😛

what say you?

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