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{November 21, 2010}   feb 14, 2001 – 10:30pm

He was pouring himself a drink when he heard the click of a key turning in. He turned around and looked, almost hungrily.

A shadow stalled a moment beneath the doorstep, before the door knob turned anti-clockwise and opened inwards.

In she came, letting the door swing shut behind her, and he felt the room brighten up. She was laden with shopping bags. She dumped them on the sofa, fell back on her back on the bed, and kicked off her shoes. Stretching her right arm, she reached the remote control and pressed the ON button. Music filled the room overtaking the silence that a second ago reigned the dry afternoon filtering in through drawn curtains, She let the remote control slip from her hand as she rolled over, stretching cat-like. He loved it when she sang or hummed along.

She idled a few peaceful seconds, then got up and pulled her shirt off over her head. He observed how her arms moved in sync with the music. She unzipped her jeans and slid them off her smooth legs.

He watched, filling up with hooking amusement, as she danced to the music, spinning on her feet, trying to mimic ballet. Soon though, she messed up a step and, slightly dis-balanced, fell on the bed again. Now he took note of her rising and falling chest, as she lay there, catching her breath. He loved the way her hair fell over her arm, and the way she twirled a lone, stray strand around her fingers. Her eyes were closed, her face was flushed, and her lips – parted. He kept watching as her breath settled down.

Finally, she got up, and headed toward the door on the left, opposite the one she’d entered from a short while ago.

The scene on the screen switched to a washroom tiled in cream. She turned on the hot and cold waters in the bath, turning the knobs several times for the perfect mix.

While the bath steamed up, she ballet-ed to the mirror over the sink. Spotting a sprouting zit on her chin, she frowned. Touching it,she winced slightly. Then, shrugging as if it was the last and the least of her concerns, she removed the last pieces of clothing off her clear, cream skin, and moved toward the bath.

He lit a Dunhill.

Testing the water, and apparently satisfied, she entered the shower. The screen switched to the inside of the bath as he sipped his drink.

He basked in the relief from her tiredness as drops of water fell on her face, and fast trickled down her neck and shoulders, all the way down to her currently sore feet.

She spun slowly on her feet, drenching herself well. He loved the way she seemed to fully live shampooing her hair – playing with the lather, blowing its bubbles over her head, and smiling at thoughts he wished he could read as the shampoo bubbles popped softly around her.

He loved the way she ran the bar of soap over the full length of her arm, up her neck, and back down her body. He watched as she lathered her entire body white, before letting the shower water wash it all away.

In all of the 35 minutes she spent there, playing and washing, he never missed a moment.Eventually, she turned the shower off. Stepping out of the bath, she wrapped herself in a large cream towel. She stood there a while, dripping, patting her face dry, before coming out into the bedroom [the scene shifted back, as he emptied his glass of white].

The bed seemed inviting. It was evident on her face too. She sat down on its soft covers, and started patting her arms dry. After moisturizing her face, arms and feet, she moved the covers over, and slipped into bed, making sure there was a towel folded largely on her pillow.

He watched her snuggle deep in, and go to sleep. Then he turned off his screen, and, stubbing the almost-out cigarette, headed for the kitchen to get something to eat. He knew she’d sleep like a baby until her alarm would go off two hours later.

He wished he could quit wishing that it was the warm wrap of his strong arms she was sleeping in.

anon says:

WOW. This was amazing!!

malinink says:

Thank you anon 🙂

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