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{November 19, 2010}   how she dealt with her – the ending (a)

She stuffed the notebook and pen in her bag, absentmindedly, or rather, habitually placing the things exactly where they belonged, and headed for the door again.

Her step had purpose to it.

She opened the the glass door, without stopping much, with such controlled energy rushing through the very blood in her veins that it probably made them stand – it sure gave the group of juniors entering through the door she’d opened an angry vibe, and they fell into a relative hush as she passed them by.She could see exactly where she sat, even at this distance. So concentrated were her efforts to remain calm and thought processes fighting with each other, that she heard but registered not the friendly hi’s and hello’s she received from friends and fans around the ground.

She saw her approaching, and acted as if she saw her not, turning back to her friends and their laughter less smoothly than would have convinced her of any truth to the transition.

She felt her blood boil at the sight of her unnatural laugh, and her hasty enthusiasm toward the group’s time-wasting interaction. “How dare she believe she could get away with it? She does not know what a deadly pair anger and I make!…”

She had approached him despite it being common knowledge they were like two fingers, best friends for life before lovers. The fact that he actually sat down with her to talk to her about it upon her approaching him, was another matter, and she would deal with him later – she was not done with him yet.

Upon reaching the group, without pausing, she bent just enough to grab her by her over-sized collar, and wrenched her off the ground, pushing her back hard against the wall behind her, “I will say this once only,” she said through teeth painfully gritted, trying to fight with the urge of her brain to burst with anger, while ignoring the shouts of surprise around them. “I know what you did, and I do not approve. I cannot and will not put up with it. For your own sake more than anything else, let me never find that you tried to approach him regarding this again.”

Shoving her angrily against the wall one final time, she let go of her collar, turned around, and marched off, growling a “Don’t.” to the group of her freshy-friends looking ready to intervene.

She kind of felt sorry that the otherwise friendly acquaintanceship she had with her had to come to this end and like this, “But he is mine! I’ve been through a lot of effort, time and pain before I earned him. Not him!”, she defended her actions before her conscience.

She felt people staring at her and that cunt, already gossiping, already judging.  She dint give a shit. She just walked back to her bag, fighting with her anger, telling it it had had enough for the time being. She grabbed her bottle of water and downed it in huge gulps, while her eyes searched for someone who could take her mind off things. Upon finding a group of friends busy with games of cards, she headed toward them, trying her best to put everything behind her. Though failing.

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