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{September 28, 2010}   fear of the unknown

This is another one of those stories i which i decided i will share with you, dear readers šŸ™‚ so happy learning!

So there was once this man, who was getting old, kind of, and thus had a weakening eye-sight, among other things. In day light he could see well, but as dusk approached, he had to use his stick to guide his way. He used to rely on his walking stick after sunset. You get the picture..

One night, as he was walking home after work, it started to get darker and colder than usual. A storm seemed to be on its way. He tried to hurry back home to avoid it if it rained and stormed right then. However, in his haste to reach the safety and familiarity of his home, he ended up coming across an unfamiliar path where he had never set foot before. Since he could not see his way anyway, given the utter darkness of the night, all he had to rely on was his walking stick. Each step he took was made only after he had properly examined it with his stick before taking it (the step).

But then came the scary mishap. He felt with his stick and felt nothing. He froze. He tried to feel the ground with his stick again, but felt as if the stick was only moving through air – the stick touched no ground. For a few moments, he stood there trying to figure out what to do. Should he move forward? What if the next step he took would take him straight down a pit in the ground, straight in the arms of a painful death? What if he took the next step, and found no ground to put it on? He tried to feel the ground with his walking stick yet again – without getting any hint of where the next step for him lay. He tried to feel the way behind him, from where he had come – but his breaths forgot their way to his lungs as he realized that there was nothing to feel right behind him either, where only a couple of minutes ago he had come from!

He froze in utter confusion and fear. What the hell had just happened? Where had all the ground gone? Had he suddenly been transported to one single spot, the one on which he stood, which was surrounded by nothing but space??

He was so scared that he couldn’t even be thankful that it did not rain and make matters worse. He stood there the whole night, trying to feel the ground all around him with his stick, unable to take any step, unable to move for fear of falling in a deep pit or something. For the life of him he could not figure out where the ground had simply vanished to!

All night he stayed awake, not that it was difficult, to wait for something or the other to give him a sign that the ground beneath him was still there and he could take the next step.

Finally, the first few rays of sunlight began to lighten up the surroundings around him. He closed his eyes tight, unwilling to set eyes on his worst nightmare – a vanished ground! But finally, with a little courage, he opened his eyes…




Only to realize that all he was holding on to was the handle of his walking stick, while the rest of the stick lay right in front of him on a patch of grass. The ground was right where he last knew it to be. All that stopped him from realizing any possibility other than the scariest scenario his imagination could conjure up, was fear.

Of what?

Of the unknown.

Such is the power of fear that it paralyzes you. In a state of such paralysis, you forget that you are the best of creations, and you have the power to think, and the power to change your current situation if you so wish and choose. In such paralysis caused by a mere state of mind – fear – you can’t think progressively, and can spend a whole night, out in the dark and cold, on your feet, awake and alert throughout, without moving an inch!

Think about it.

This was amazing.

Salman says:

Wow. That is SKILL. Youve got some imagination. Eid mubarak to you too. šŸ™‚

mal says:

@Salman: thanks šŸ™‚ this one was not original, though i would appreciate it if you read the rest.

salman says:

@malinink : oh ! well, its a skill you shared it ? lol. i enjoyed reading it, i plan on reading the rest of your stuff too. šŸ™‚

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