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{September 27, 2010}   To the Tailor or the next hip outlet?

Note: this has been long due – was done and ready but not published, so here I am, publishing it. happy clothing 😉

My mother has (almost) always been an advocate of buying clothes off racks in outlets that she comes across on her way back from office. She maintains it saves time, saves money, saves tension, and allows you to follow the latest trends as well.

I have always been more inclined toward the tailor culture than the outlets. It may not save you as much time (personally I believe that time should not even be a factor here because it takes probably more time hunting for the right dress shop after shop than it does trying to explain to the tailor what you want and making a few follow-up trips/calls to him), but it sure does save you cost, and our tailors of today are not very far behind in following the latest trends. Sure, it may be a more tension-filled experience, but that depends on what tailor you’re going to – someone who is a true tailor, or someone who had no other choice or liked the cash it earned him.

Now I am not saying that the tailors don’t piss the hell out of you at times, submitting a finished order that looks nothing like you ordered or imagined in your worst nightmares. However, it is equally, if not more, infuriating to find that the “perfect dress” that you just picked up at the latest fashion outlet, which also cost you an average of 2000 bucks of that hard-earned pocket money, does not have the low midriff you find so comfortable, or has trousers a little too long for your taste, or has a neckline which you find blasphemous. To correct any, all, and more of these flaws in ready-made garments, you have to usually make a trip to the tailor that suits your fittings and temperament best, and get things fixed – in the process, doing the tailor thing anyway. So why not put up with the tailor in the first place?

“Because sometimes you just can not let a good dress stay in the shop not bought by you when you were in fact drooling all over it” comes my mother’s prompt reply. I agree. Some ready-made garments fit you like they were tailored for you (key word = “tailor”ed) and sometimes you do get lucky in finding the piece that is comfortable, “in”, affordable, and all the things you look for in a piece from the outlet. However, my argument remains: how rare is that occasion? Plus, would you rather mostly wear something that looks amazing but is not exactly comfortable, ruining your facial expression, your posture, and thus your mood? Would you rather not have the tailor, tailor your piece of fabric exactly like you want it?

True, the tailor will make you run quite a lot, might give you hell more than once over every piece you order with him, and still may not deliver exactly what you want. But it takes a little patience, finding the right tailor, and a bit of planning, before you hand your painstakingly selected cloth pieces and laces and embellishments over to your tailor, not to mention a good amount of follow up to ensure he doesn’t mess things up just because you trusted him with your outfit.

And let’s face it, where is that satisfaction in picking things off shelves and racks which you find in getting something tailor-made, complete with the experience of haggling like neighbors with your tailor over the cost and what not 😉 It can very well be likened to the difference there is between having a baby oneself and adopting one, if you have my kind of imagination 🙂

what say you?

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