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{September 27, 2010}   Lord Voldmort and Adolf Hitler

I’ve been thinking about this for a looong time now. I finally have gotten over my laziness for a while, and here I am, jotting this thought down: ever wondered how similar Lord Voldmort and Adolf Hitler are?

Lord Voldmort was a half -blood, with a witch for a mother and a muggle (non-magical, normal person) for a father. This half blood status makes him impure because he is not pure-blood (where both parents are a witch and a wizard respectively).

Lord Voldmort was, however, obsessed with making the world a place to live for only pure-bloods, so that anyone else, if allowed to live, would serve the sole purpose of serving the pure-blood world as their slaves.This obsession apparently arose from his deep hatred for the fact that one of his parents was not from the wizarding community (he was first under the impression that it was his mother who was the reason for his own self being a half-blood wizard, while later he finds out that it was in fact his father who was a muggle – neither case, however, reduces his hatred for the non-wizarding lot, rather only intensifying his passion for “cleaning out the world” where only “pure-blood” deserve to live).

This makes Adolf Hitler so much similar to Voldmort – Hitler too was not a pure blood – his father I believe was a Jew, and he chose to ignore that because where he came from, it is the mother’s lineage which is followed. Hitler too was obsessed with cleaning out the world of anyone who was not a pure Aryan. He also had the tendency to count anyone who was ‘different’ in any way, in those who “did not deserve to live”, such as homosexuals, or those who dared defy him and stood up against him and his cause to rid the world o anyone but a pure Aryan.

I do not want to voice the obvious train-of-thoughts/questions.

what say you?

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