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{December 26, 2009}   December 24th 2009

And I realized, with the help of a close friend, that everyone picks who they want to be. Being nice was my thing. Being an asshole who thinks so highly of himself just because he has a different life, was his thing. I mean, that’s all he has different from me if you come to think of it. He is the same human being, just has a different set of things which define his life, and if he believes that that difference gives him the leverage for being rude and badtameez to others cos he is oh so superior and others should bow before him and dare not kid around in his presence, well that’s his sad loss. He is the one losing respect in so many people’s eyes (not sure how to say this), he is the one who misses out on so many laughs and good moments he was given the chance to share with others, no mater how well he knew them or what differences there were between them and his own sorry self.

My depression should not be justified then. It should not happen in the first place, and if it does, it should not last long or have the power to pull me down. It is me who should gloat and take out the good from this and such episodes and entertain myself at the state of their sorry lives. Why get depressed because others are such bitches and so conceited and hypocrites – I am the better person, I should know this, and keep reminding myself of it, cos in the end, it does not matter what kind of people they are, but what kind of a person I am. And I am proud of who I am.

what say you?

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