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{December 27, 2009}   Guilt

I am guilty. I am guilty of treating others who are in some way or the other less blessed than me, in ways I normally do not advocate. It was not me, but I did it. Twice. Read the rest of this entry »

{December 26, 2009}   December 24th 2009

And I realized, with the help of a close friend, that everyone picks who they want to be. Being nice was my thing. Being an asshole who thinks so highly of himself just because he has a different life, was his thing. Read the rest of this entry »

{December 25, 2009}   Doing good without any thought

So the other day, I was at this bakery thing, and the girl next to me in line was checking out all the kinds of sandwiches there were. Seeing undecidedness on her face, I suggested the sandwich I liked the best (not that I had tried any other yet, but I always picked this one whenever I go to this bakery). She was a total stranger but it felt so refreshing and nice to do what I’m used to doing – helping out others and connecting with complete strangers for fleeting moments.

I think it stems from my belief that everyone, no matter how different they try to be from “the rest”, are somehow or the other connected to each other no matter how much they loathe the other person. For example, the users of the same brand of shampoo or toothpaste or makeup brand or those who go to the same outlet to go shopping for clothes….nobody’s better than anyone else, nobody is superior than others, because at some basic level, we’re all the same.

I find it extremely annoying when bloggers

a) literally strip their entries off the previous issues of weekend magazines, and

b) boast of a “thriving” blog when they don’t know the basics such as the difference between its and it’s or your and you’re, and all the comments they get are from a handful of the people they interact with daily anyway.

Such “bloggers” could at least

a) proofread their entries before posting them, or update them with corrections soon, and, while at it, quit giving birth to senseless and useless new vocabulary when they themselves blog about how annoying it is for their own *insert suitable adjective such as sorry / hypocritical / wannabeeistic [ah, you see what i mean 😉 ]* selves to find people using senseless and useless vocabulary/grammar/spellings while communicating through different means.

b) talk about real (or even relatively real) issues (more often) and thus use their time a liTTle more constructively.

c) make the necessary changes in their own lives rather than just blogging about the few semi-real (if that) issues they do talk about before going back to their own hypocritical lifestyles.

et cetera
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