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{September 18, 2009}   glass-breaking not unlucky

“sheesha tootne se tou itte saare sheeshay ban gayay, tou khwaab tootne se bhi itte saare aur khwaab banaingay”

I usually get really pissed at the crap that these omnipresent star plus dramas show, but there are a few cases where i feel that what they’re trying to do is good.

People have so many superstitions: they consider breaking of glass (a glass, a mirror etc) to be unfortunate – a sign of something being negative or a prediction of something unfortunate in the near future, or related to the task at hand. But this one drama showed in one of its episode that when people got upset at such an incident, the rest of the family says it’s all crap. And there’s this mentally slow member of the family, who says the words i’ve put in qoutes above.

(Of course, later on they went on to show that something bad indeed happens, but I’d like to take the good from it 🙂 )

what say you?

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