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{July 17, 2009}  

If you let them know what you want, they’ll make sure you go through hell to get it, if at all.

{July 17, 2009}   End of week 1

So, Friday it is. I am sitting in the office at 8:18 am. Waiting for the canteen to start serving breakfast at 9. Sat late yesterday at the guesthouse.  I realize that even if i reach home by 7, bed time somehow just doesn’t come around until 12, and then i have to wake up around six max so i can shower before i leave the house. So that’s where i miss the breakfast. But hey, they have good affordable breakfast here so that’s good.

I hate central air-conditioning :p Good we can get shawls and dress for winters :p

Bought a “water bottle” – it’s back to school days again baby :p Waise seriously, only university is the most..flexible…after that you really are back to school: from vans picking you before sunrise :p to being childish in the office!

You’re actually looking for more here? :p

{July 5, 2009}  

i dint know men could be bitchy. grown up men. who had three kids of their own.

oh, and i sleep well when hurt and have cried myself tired. ot tired myself by trying to curtail the tears.

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