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{March 15, 2009}   how to get rid of pain..maybe..

There was this one time i was pretty depressed about something from the past that has a way of coming back to me every now and then, and i messaged a friend about my condition. She asked me to just say what was on my mind, and i typed a long 4-pg message to her. The minute i had sent it, i felt like a weight had been lifted off me already. I messaged her this too, “You know, i think all i needed to do was get it out of my system, i feel way better already”

She said, “Ok-kay…that’s a nice summarization of it all :p”

So then i said, and it made utter sense, like derivating a curve and then derivating the derivative and keeping at it till you’ve nothing left to derivate,

“So like…you keep summarizing summaries until there’s nothing left…? Cool :)”


what say you?

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