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{February 22, 2009}   how she dealt with her…

[part 1 – the beginning]

He had just rushed to class after spending a fleeting few moments with her in the cafeteria. She looked around, bored and lost, trying to figure out what to do next, making a mental to-do-list. she smiled when she recalled that only a few days ago he had started trying the (/her) to-do-list method of making sure important stuff was not missed.

She drained her cup of almost-very sweet tea, grabbed her yellow notebook and a pen that wrote beautifully, and wandered out to the …notice board, photocopier, library, wherever ‘it’ took her, ‘it’ being that which tells you “Oh, you had to do this and you had to do that!”

As she stepped out of the cafe, hi-hello-ing with peple around, waving at some, smiling and nodding at others, she saw ‘her’ in the foyer, sitting with a small bunch of friends, resting her back against the pillar. She took less than two seconds to make up her mind. She turned right around, keeping an eye on her nevertheless, to return her notebook and pen to her bag in the cafe

She found someone else occupying the place she had saved for themselves (herself and him) with her bag kept there as a mark. A relatively trivial bit of annoyance rose within her but what she had on her mind was far more important as of right then. She stuffed the notebook and pen in her bag, absentmindedly, or rather, habitually placing the things exactly where they belonged, and headed for the door again.

Her step had purpose to it.



For [part 2 – the ending]: you have a choice. This choice depends on certain factors which i wish to keep from you at least for now. Happy forever after 🙂

– Ending (a) can be found here:

– Ending (b) can be found here:

{February 22, 2009}   what it’s like…

It’s not about what i like. It’s about what i can do, and i can do a lot. Trouble is, i feel unable to anticipate what they, the judges, would like/prefer. I thought Hadiqa Kiyani as one of the three judges would help get a balanced judgement as she’d more readily appreciate (my) tendencies toward english music, but turns out she wasn’t here at the city campus for audition. So let’s see. I think i have time abi 🙂

Update: The year is 2010 – April or May of this year, the organizers of this competition called me to inform me that i had been selected for the next round/season (recorded). but i had to decline the offer cos their terms and conditions were WAY too demanding – they did not care that i had studies/classes to attend and they demanded i stay available 24/7 for the next 4 months. so… : )

{February 14, 2009}   how dumb i am…

i will keep updating this post as and whenever i recall things that i do or believe in that prove me dumb according to otherwise normal people.

1. i thought everyone who worte a book, especially text books, was dead…except those who started writing in front of me, like J. K. Rowling (but then again, she hasn’t written a text book…yet)

{February 10, 2009}   the diary of the stationary freak

there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary that my uncle got me from abroad (back when we most certainly dint get anything like this here at home) back when i was in grade 8th. it has since been 9 years and i hadn’t touched a page of it until a few weeks back (i’m a certified stationary freak :D)

so, there’s this yellow spiral-bound diary, and we received a small flip notebook from Unilever yesterday, and he said “Oh, i’ll use it for my to-do-lists!” (that’s what i tried helping him with, by trying to make him see he could use to-do-lists to stay relatively on top of things and get done with things needed to be done).

excuse the huge intro to this small thought i had just now: i could save my Unilever notebook too, and once he’s used his up i could give him mine too, and then i thought of whether i’d have given him my yellow one. realizing that i probably won’t have used it for the same purpose for myself, but for more meaningful and more lasting ‘notes’, i also got this image that he’d probably have no qualms in using the yellow notebook, and then i saw (in my mind’s eye) his writing scrawling itself on my diary…and i fell in love with his-writing-on-my-diary…


{February 5, 2009}   for you i’d bleed myself dry

i fell in love with “yellow” under the spell of these words… (Yellow – Coldplay)

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