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{February 9, 2006}   what regrets?

the past is over. i wont let regrets stemming from the past hold me down, run me over, ruin me. when all’s gone, whats stopping me from nipping it all in the bud and ripping it away from my existence? my own state of mind?? i have the power to change all of that, cage it all for the rest of all eternity! i will!!

i wont let them take the rest of my life away from me. threres so much to fall in love with. i cant allow myself this, not when i never let others do this to me – i am one reason i must resist myself. i will!!

lord, please help me stay firmly tethered to this new life resolution of mine. i look to you for the kind of strength i need… for always.

… thank you šŸ™‚


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